Ready willing and able

Ready willing and able (RWA) is a document that a bank or a financial institution issues on the clients’ behalf. The document showcases the capability and intent (both financially and legally) for entering into the financial transactions. The RWA’s are also referred to as the bank comfort letters.

Proof of funds

Proof of funds is a bank statement or a document that demonstrates that a company or a person has the money to finalize the transaction. The purpose of the document is to ensure that the financial ability that is required for the transaction is legitimate and procurable. The document is mostly used for funding those projects that require a huge amount of money for investing, often for real estate transactions.

There is a possibility that proof of funds is used by certain people that might carry out financial scams. This makes it necessary to present with a proof of funds for investigating the other party thoroughly and performing diligence checks.

Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL)

Approved Commercial Brokers provides a bank confirmation letter (BCL) is a letter given by a bank or financial institution as a confirmation for a loan and also for a line of credit extended to a borrower. This letter acts as an official surety on behalf of a borrower that a person, organization, or company is eligible for borrowing a certain amount of funds for a specific purpose.

The bank confirmation letter provides assurance to a third party that the borrower has sufficient financial resources for completing a specific transaction like purchasing goods.