Approved Commercial Brokers have issuers which are leading and foremost provider of documentary collection that is a type of trade finance. Under it, an exporter gets paid for the goods provided by an importer once the banks of the two parties exchange the required documents. The bank of the exporter collects the required funds from the importer’s bank. This is done in exchange for documents releasing the title to the merchandise that gets shipped. It happens when the goods are received at the location of the importer.

We provide documentary collections to all our valued clients. These include as below:

  • Import Collection
  • Export Collection

Import collection is the collecting institution whereas export collection is the presenting institution. We deliver our services to all our valued clients situated globally. These services are tailor made as per their requirements.

Flow of Process as Collecting Institution
1. Onboarding of the company

2. Rwa via Swift or written confirmation

3. Documents arrival at Approved Commercial Brokers counters

4. Email clients for the documents scan for confirmation of clients

5. Once the signed bill of exchange is received, Approved Commercial Brokers will release documents to the buyer

4. The instruction of presenting bank

5. Finally, the payments are collected on maturity for settling the presenting bank

Flow of Process as Presenting Institution
1. Onboarding of client

2. Email or Swift from the collecting bank for willingness for handling the collection

3. Once the confirmation is done, we will send the courier to the collecting bank with the documents

4. Payment instruction as per our clients

On maturity, we will follow up with you for clearing the payments. Once the payments are collected, we will transfer the funds to you.