SME & Corporate Financing

  • Business Loan

    Business entrepreneurs always look for additional capital for business expansions, refinancing, restructuring the balance sheet or repay member / shareholder loans. A Business Loan is a cost-effective way to support your business.
    We can arrange business loans in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in UAE.

  • SME & Commercial Loans

    Small Medium Enterprises is a prime industry in the market and always eager to expand the business and grow faster.
    We can arrange SME & Commercial loans in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in UAE to fulfil the requirements of the industry.

  • Mortgage Consultancy

    Approved Commercial LLC carrying a steadfast infrastructure and a team of professionally experienced Mortgage Advisors, is committed to provide an Independent Mortgage Consultancy to its clients in the property market.

    Value and Convenience

    Our service packages have been prudently formulated to provide tailored solutions to each of our clients, and to assist them understand even the most complicated financial products in the simplest possible terms.

    Our objective is to help our client to make an informed financial decision with our customized solution plan as per their requirements.

    As one of Dubai’s premier mortgage consultancy firms, we are proud to offer:

    Personalized Mortgage Advice
    Personalized Property Advice
    Survey & Selection of Financial Institution
    Comparison on Low & Competitive Rates
    Cost & Time Effective Measurements
    A Transparent Mortgage Process


    Approved Commercial LLC is committed to provide an End to End service on the below sectors:

    UAE Mortgages
    First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice
    Investment Property Mortgage
    Re-Financing & Re-Mortgaging
    Buy-To-Let Mortgage Advice
    Mortgage Buyouts
    Release of Equity & Property
    Insurance and Protection
    Sales Progression
    Savings and investments

  • Loans against POS transactions

    A loan against POS (Point of Sale) is a healthy tool to fulfil operational needs of the business. We can arrange it for your all your needs such as expansion, lift in working capital.

  • Fleet Financing

    Approved Commercial LLC provides complete range of Commercial Fleet Financing and Fleet Management Services to help you save time and money and reduce environmental impact.

    Our tailored solutions address the lifecycle of the fleet – from strategic planning and financing to management and remarketing – to generate the maximum return on the investment. Approved Commercial LLC renders its fleet financing services to the below mentioned areas:

    Individual Auto Financing
    Commercial / SME Fleet Financing
    Corporate Fleet Financing
    We provide you the benefits of the big guys while maintaining the personalized service that you need. Our full suite of vehicle management solutions are tailored to support your growth while saving you time and money.
    Company vehicles are a key asset that can help ensure a prosperous future for the business. We can make this a reality. We offer a range of programs and services designed by experts in the field to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize the value of your company vehicles.
    When it’s time to get new company vehicles, a flexible, cost-effective financing makes sense for the business.Approved Commercial LLC is capacitated to arrange a variety of fleet for your business. We bring our financial experience and strength to help make your financing decisions easy, straightforward and profitable.

    Categories of Fleets:

    Major Fleet categories / types are mentioned below which may fulfill your business requirements to achieve growth goals.

    Light Transport Vehicle (LTV)
    Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV)
    Medium Commercial Vehicles (MCV)
    Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV)
    Light Earth Moving Machinery (LEM)
    Medium Earth Moving Machinery (MEM)
    Heavy Earth Moving Machinery (HEM)