• Debt Collection / Recovery

    Approved Commercial brokers LLC is a professional debt collection agency, dedicated to providing highly professional and customized debt recovery solutions from bad debts / accounts receivables of our clients on both consumer and commercial level.


    Debt Recovery involves various procedures and steps which are demonstrated in appended Flow Chart;

    Demand Notice

    A demand notice or letter before action will be forwarded to the Debtors.

    Follow Ups

    Telephonic follow up will start in next to the demand notice delivered to the debtors and no response received.
    Our tele-calling team is proficiently trained in negotiations and communication techniques to convince the debtors and to answer their queried as well.

    Field Visits

    A professional and aggressive Skip tracing team is covering the each estate and area of the country to track and crack the debtor and to recovery the debts for our clients.

    Legal Persuasion

    Debt Recovery is not possible without legal backing in any area of the world. A team of lawyers / legal officers create a legal cover and conduct cases genuinely for Approved Commercial brokers LLC.

    Recovery of Bad Debts

    With all of the possible recovery methods the case finally reaches to edge of maturing by the collection of the bad debts.


    A highly skilled workforce with vast experience in banking and debt collection is engage in working on the debt portfolio.
    Thoroughly professional and effective approach in line with your company's image.
    Highly personalized service with regular updates.
    Reduction in overhead cost of the business.


    No collection no fee
    Percentage on collected amount
    Fees will be based on maturity of debt from collected amount
    Fees to be paid on a monthly basis

    Advantages of Approved Commercial LLC

    Our knowledge and experience allow us to understand and resolve the most complex debt collection matters and we differentiate our services by working closely with you every step of the way.

    Key elements of our services:
    Our contingency rates are low starting at 15% up to 25% with the added benefit of NO RECOVERY - NO FEE.
    Our Recovery team consists of talented negotiators who are able to lower your level of bad debts market.
    We are committed to high quality client service and inform you on our progress regularly.
    Our state-of-the-art collection management software allows us to seamlessly manage the debt collection, within the given time frame, and increasing the efficiency of our service.
    Motivated, visionary and experienced leadership is the key source of Approved Commercial brokers LLC's. Extensive network of offices and field staff facilitate the accesses in all the operational areas.
    Field Investigators reinforce agency's efforts and guarantees efficiency in giving you the desired results.
    Strong influences in all Government and Private sector to cope up with the political conditions of the country.