• About Us

    Approved Commercial brokers LLC is a team of professionals, engaged in providing a high quality services to our valuable clients, in order to meet their business requirements, especially in financial & business sector. The Company works as an intermediary between the clients and their stakeholders with a most efficient and cost-effective way of prioritizing the business needs.

    Our Vision

    is to set an efficiency benchmark in service industry, by a flexible frame work, customized according to current market condition, to render our services in order to optimize best results out of it.

    Our Mission

    is to provide complete range of solutions, forming a bridge and trust worthy network among our clients and open business market.

    We Believe

    Problems doesn't exist without solutions, we will penetrate and customise it for you.

    Business Perspective

    Approved Commercial brokers LLC is a group of professionals that identifies the relationship as the essence of business and is well versed with latest market trends in order to maintain the prestige of its clients.
    We are aiming to provide a high quality service with a wide variety of tools, seasoned and sophisticated methods tailored to satisfy each of our client's specific needs.

    Verified and Credible

    Our Verification and Credibility is strengthened with the acknowledgement by:
    International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA)
    Certified Member of IAPDA
    Certified Debt Specialist (CDS)
    Certified Credit Counselling Specialist (CCCS)
    The Institute of Financial Consultants (IFC)
    Certified Member of The Institute of Financial Consultants
    Certified Financial Consultant